Welcome to C-Qual

C-Qual Agritelligence Pty Limited assists agriculturally based organisations and businesses in the adoption of new technology by farmers and producers.

Productive and efficient agriculture is vital to meeting the food and fibre needs of a rapidly expanding global population. Agricultural research is essential to provide the technologies and practices that will allow us to meet those demands.

But, no matter how good the research, if it is not converted into practice we will fall short of our goals and fail to meet the needs of our world.

C-Qual has developed a program that provides tools and techniques that enhance the communication of new practices and promote the decision-making processes to increase potential for practice change.

Talk to C-Qual about planning your adoption programs or arrange a workshop with your team in which we can discover key principles and tools to drive adoption more positively and actively.

  • Numerous light bulb moments throughout the course. One of the most effective
    workshops I have attended.

    Development Officer

  • By far the most meaningful extension training I have ever received.

    Extension Officer

  • I have never had any formal extension training so the program for me was quite valuable. The strengths for me were that it has immediate relevance.

    Extension Officer

  • An excellent program for my extension role. Fairly challenging material.

    Extension Officer

  • There was exceptional flexibility to allow us to explore issues we encountered.

    Extension Officer

  • More “social” approach to extension compared with similar technical workshops.

    Extension Officer

  • Invaluable information that I will use for the rest of my life.

    Extension Officer

  • Active participation with real examples was….very good.

    Research Manager

  • Very helpful course that challenged me.


  • I wish I could have had this course earlier in my research/adoption career.

    Senior Research Manager